Sunday, December 27, 2009

December 23: Day before Christmas Eve

Dec 23 (Karannina): We started off with a wonderful breakfast of bread, ham, cheese, holunderberry (elderberry) jam, fruit tea. I found more Playmobile, set it up on the table and over the rest of the floor and played, and played, and played. For lunch we enjoyed potatoe dumplings (klostes). I decorated the Christmas tree with Onkel Klaus, Dad, and Alexander. It had lights in the shape of candles, red glass ornaments, and Christmas dinksbumps. I met Oliver and Sabrina (Onkel Klaus and Tante Karin's son and daughter-inlaw) for some fruit tea and lebkuchen, papenate, zimpt sterna, and chocolate marzipan with jam followed by a game of telephone with funny words such as dinksbumps, du bist zo niedlich,... Alexander and I made orgamy Christmas ornaments-dinksbumps while the adults talked. Then we were invited to tea and cookies at the neighbours. He was a hunter and I was freaked-out because of the mounted skulls of raindeer, mountain goats, and wild boar skin. After a full day we crashed and hit the hay.

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