Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dec 29, 2009: Experiencing a German Birthday

Dec 29, 2009 (Dieter): Today we celebrated my Aunt Karin’s 66th birthday in German tradition. We put the final touches on the table, got the sekt (champagne) ready, and answered the door to many of her friends. Guests were served variety of different breads (see pics). Interesting gifts, the most interesting was a picture in oil of my Aunt (an actual picture that was placed inside a bottle of oil). Visiting, singing, stories, drinking, and eating – wonderful celebration of family and friends. Karannina and Alexander are challenged to speak and hear German. We ended the evening finishing Alexander’s 1000 piece puzzle with the four of us with the Nonns. Sabrina was an amazing puzzler – as she found places for all the remaining 400 pieces. Great fun! Wonderful memories.

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