Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dec 27, 2009, A Walk in the "Winter" Wonderland

Dec 27, 2009 (Alexander). After breakfast we went for a walk, not a short one, but a long one. We discovered a playground with swings that had hinges on the sides of poles, not on top like at home. Daddy found a rotten wooden bench that was covered with moss where he sat with his Oma 25 years ago when he went for walks with her. We cracked the ice on puddles with our feet. We saw molehills, weasel houses - little cylinders with small holes just big enough for weasels to crawl in. Weasels are important to farmers for getting rid of mice. I was surprised when I saw many parrots flying around and one was eating birdseed from a bird feeder in the tree, and the tree was in a pear, apple and chestnut orchard. I also saw an artifact from the middle ages. It was a stone that looked like a grave and was used as a border marker for farmers to pay taxes to the king or barons of each land. Mommy, Karaninna and I climbed up onto a hunter stand made out of wood and looked out onto each field and saw the whole valley. In each valley, I saw a town and each town had a church with a bell tower and a water tower. Daddy and Karannina took many pictures of snow and plants. I picked up helicopter seeds from an oak that spin like crazy. We went back to Tante Karin’s and Onkel Klaus’ home, had supper of duck breast and mashed potatoes with ice cream sticks for dessert. In the evening we watched Harry Potter in German. It was a cool movie. I understood just a little bit of the movie.

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