Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dec 15, 2009: (Sandra) Egypt - Pyramids

Dec 15, 2009: (Sandra) Cairo – Giza, Egypt. Fantastic, full day of Garbage City and a world-wonder – the pyramids and sphinx. Amgad drove us to the City of Garbage, and entire city of people living on top of garbage and off of the riches of the garbage. We were amazed at the successful recycling business where MCC has been involved in – creation of paper items to sell from hand-made paper, from the city’s recycled paper – employing, training, and educating women an their children. Pyramids of Egypt, as seen from camels: Our guide, Solomon was entertaining and informative. This was an amazing experience: desert music, witnessing bribing, Egyptian tea sipping while watching the sunset with the pyramids beside us. We had tea with Solomon’s family. The taxi ride back to the MC guesthouse included being rear-ended (crazy drivers), asking for directions numerous times and, feeling relief at seeing familiar territory of Cairo.

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  1. Dieter could certainly pass for a nomad . . . Are you riding "drama"daries? Alice the camel has one hump or two?

    Sandra, you look great on the camel,very happy indeed!