Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dec 16, 2009 (Dieter): Train to Luxor

Dec 16, 2009 (Dieter). Following a long night, the cleaning of the apartment, we set out for the train station. We are surprised by the calling of an Egyptian who hands us money that had fallen our of our pocket – wow! Sandra works her business skills and lands us a generous taxi driver who harnesses our luggage to the roof of the taxi. Our long 1.5 hr ride to the Giza train station is interjected with our limited conversation of French, English and Arabic. Got to the Gisa train station at 16:00 and depart with a gift of a basket of strawberries and wishes of safe travel. Sat on the side, watching 12 trains arrive, unload and reload passengers, and then move on. Many had hundreds of soldiers, broken windows (shattered by what looked like bullet holes)…these being the third class trains, costing a few EGP. Played bouncing ball with Alexander for a long time, many passengers waiting for their trains seemed to enjoy our playing. Until the ball bounced off the train station platform and into the oily mire on the train tracks. Meet an Egyptian business man who gives us positive advice about our adventure in Luxar. He helps us identify the right train and even our train car. First class for only 240 EGPs – wow. Start off with a wonderful meal of fish and beef, with an orange and desert and hot tea. After some pranks between our two cabins, “dim whit” lighting of train and “jerks” from the lurching of the train we fall asleep. Alexander and Karannina take the top bunks and face the window watching the various sights flash by our window as the train speeds down the tracks.

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