Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dec 14, 2009: (Karannina) Cairo, Egypt.

Dec 14, 2009: (Karannina) Cairo, Egypt. We had a ‘Jet-lag’ party in Dad and Mom’s bedroom. I read “Eleven”, Mom read the “Eye Witness Egypt” book, while Alex tickled Dad who was “trying” to sleep (and of course, he was tickling back to make Alex laugh). After a short night, we awoke at 08:30 to the smell of fried onions, garlic, sliced potatoes with melted cheese and sliced tomatoes. After breakfast, we continued the game of Outrage – about stealing the royal jewels of London. Mom and Dad were busy working on our travel plans for Egypt as Alex and I played their turns. Soon we went for a walk along the busy road close and saw a fake Christmas tree being put up in a pharmacy, cute-looking cats and kittens, neat shops, mixed smells of spices, bakery with pollution of the traffic, little boys playing soccer in some water, and hearing the prayer calls ringing in the streets. At Shaker Kabob we bought Egyptian sandwiches; pita and meat to eat, which were very spicy. We explored an Egyptian florist shop and were very surprised when the florist said “cadeau!” to us as he presented three aromatic fuchsia roses. We strolled to a roundabout and were fascinated by how cars, trucks, minibuses, motorcycles, donkeys, bicycles, tram, including pedestrians, intersected without traffic lights - organized chaos.

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