Friday, June 4, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010: A Day in St. Andrew's

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 (Sandra): After a fantastic breakfast of crepes, thanks to Dieter, we set out for St. Andrew's. But first another Agatha Christie mystery puzzle was put together by Karannina and Alexander. The weather was a cool 12 C with a 'smirr' - a fine misting rain that can soak you surprisingly quickly. We have nearly confirmed that our summer clothing will not be utilized. Enroute to St Andrew's we enjoyed a unique playground for children and adult alike. We also saw a mechano-type assembly of wind turbines. They were colossal! In St. Andrew's we needed coins to pay for the parking and coins to pay for the washrooms, and the local ice cream/chocolate shop would not exchange bills for coins. Therefore we squeezed our legs together and proceeded to buy a Tikka sandwich at Subway in order to get coins. After taking care of the parking and washroom needs and then taking care of lunch (buns, ham and potato chips), eaten while watching people along the street, we enjoyed some unique shops such as a Kilt shop. Only about 200 British pounds for one for Dieter! What would you wear up your kilt? We learned that the sport of golf began in St. Andrew's. Also, the kaleidiscope was first invented here. Reformation leaders such as John Knox created quite a stir in their time in the church. Karannina, Alexander and I found a quaint ALL English language bookstore and could not be pulled out in order to see ABC, Another Big Church. Therefore Dieter went on his own to check out the church sites of St. Andrew's.
Driving on the other side of the road is still a challenge, requiring all concentration.

Holy Trinity Church were John Knox preached to the congregation and caused an uproar which led to the looting of St. Andrew's Catholic Church.

Drive through church (ruins).

Coffins from the early 12th century - notice the areas for the head.

Patrick Hamilton, university student age 24 martyred in 1523 because of his connection with Martin Luther.

John Knox, famous preacher who got his congregation so excited that they went to the local catholic church and looted it. St. Andrew's catholic church, which held the bones of St. Andrew (one of Christ's disciples) is seen as a ruin above.
Tide is out!
A box of Fresh fish and chips.

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