Friday, June 4, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010: PPPPLLLLLLFFFFFTTTTT!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010 (Karannina): We finished the puzzle "Colombo" (another detective clue puzzle). Then we packed for Edinburgh and Iona. Dad fell asleep on my bed while I was reading ABC Murders by Agatha Christie. We watched Wallace and Grommit's Inventions (Gone Wrong) and the Flintstones. We saw the inside of Kinghorn's Church of Scotland. The church is like grandma's church on the inside - but it has a very small balcony. This church was started in the 1100s. There is a separate entrance and balcony for the Baron and Baroness to sit and listen on Sunday. We parted ways with Stew and Jan and hiked - the difficult way - to the basking seals. Along the way we saw a baby puffin, rocks, shells, jellyfish, and sea anemone. We had a very good time!
Mom and Dad made groundnut stew - Yum! - when we came back.

What used to be a door...

Unicorn's bell - Unicorn is a Ship

The module of Unicorn

Hmmmm...I think it's a organ...

The door of the church

This Glory Hole is a secondhand store. A lot like MCC but a tinyer version of it.

This a piece of coral. It's heavier than you think!


Walk like an Egyptian - Mom, we are not in Egypt.

This is Puffy (Puff for short) the puffin. I think he is a baby puffin - he hopped more than he flied.

sea anemone!

Jelly fish - any one want a peanut butter jelly sandwich?

The view we see...

Talking with the seals. pllllfffttt!

Castle ruins and first grafti 1762 in rock.

OK, guys, let's do a funny photo!

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