Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010: Make war - No! Make music!


Can you see what we are hearing? - a Jewsharp concerto!
A hurdy-gurdy - Loreena McKinnet uses this instrument in her music.
This is a monk beer-drinking table. Lyrics/music is on the perimeter to guide the songs.
A really fancy early clarinet
A neat horn - like a snake!
A unique violin - can you hear it?
Can you imagine the case that is made for this instrument?
Sir 'IDon'tKnowHisName
the holy grail
100 waterhouse

What a beautiful marble staircase!
'...and they stop. What is going on? Now Sir Stephen takes a step. And...'
Look what's behind you!
a marble palace - the museum
Anna - these are recorders used in the Middle Ages. Look how tall they are!
The marble palace
'(Sigh), Vienna is a beautiful quiet city.'
Karannina: 'Do I have to pose for another picture?!'
A crown fit for a king- not Alexander.

this is what happens to the Roman Catholic Relics.
(Simon & Garfunkel:) 'It's raining again! Oh no! I'm losing a friend!'

The same clown that argued yesterday.
This is another way to advertise
Tram ride!
100 waterhouse - Vienna
100 waterhouse
Karannina: 'I just had to take a picture!'
Nice motorcycle!

May 26, 2010 (Sandra) : After seeing all the photos above, it is a challenge to know where to begin the commentary. Another challenge, I am writing this on Saturday, after seeing the amazing castles of the 'mad' King Ludwig and my mind is processing all the grandeur of the castles. Now back to Wednesday: Vienna, the farthest east we have traveled. After a delicious breakfast and devotional/discussion, Erwin, our host treated us to a mini-concert of classical guitar - this inspired me. We then headed to the Ubahn for our last museum day. It was difficult to get excited about this since we really are 'museumed out'. However, once we entered the amory and musical instruments museum we were not disappointed. These were absolutely amazing! Some people make war and some people make music and these museums demonstrated this clearly. I have never seen so many knights in shining armor in my life! Jousting knights. Knights dressed for party. Knights from the Ottoman era. Knights from Spain. Knights wearing armor that would cost nearly their entire life earnings! I zoomed through all the armory asap and did not listen to all the audioguide commentary - learning how men prepare to dress themselves to harm and kill other men does not appeal to me. The musical instrument museum next to it interested me so much more. I listened to all the commentary and was thrilled to hear so many of these period instruments being played (with my audioguide). My journal has so many highlights. I will mention just a few. A bone whistle. Musical earrings. A spineretta (sp?) with a backgammon game and chess board on either side of it. A jewsharp concerto! A round table with coat of arms drawings, latin sayings about music, wisdom notes and lastly on the perimeter, musical notes and lyrics to beer-drinking songs sung by monks standing in a circle around the table. (I'll get this photo later)
The treasury museum was difficult to persuade us all to go into, but once again, this was amazing. The holy grail made of agate which held the blood of Christ (supposedly), the vestments of the holy fleece knighthood, the crown which incorporated both the bishops hat and a king's crown (church and state) from the 1100's. We have had a good laugh at seeing a splinter of the cradle which Jesus lay in as a baby and a piece of his tunic and a piece of the tablecloth from the Last Supper - did they really use a table cloth? These were highly decorated in special containers.
We needed some light-heartedness after all this seriousness. We took the Ubahn and found the 100 Wasserhouse architecture and had some fun. No straight lines, except for windows is his motto. Trees are to be placed any place and to be respected. This was a man who made a name for himself after giving his speeches in his birthday suite - an interesting marketing technique!
That was enough to fill a day. We are starting to talk about things back home and looking at the June calendar. We also are realizing the wisdom in giving each other some self-time/space after being together 24/7. Till next time...

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