Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010: From Germany to Netherlands

(Alexander). Today we went from Germany to the Netherlands (not Holland, as that is a state or province in the Netherlands). Say goodbye to Elke, Onkel Manfred, Pia, Leonie, Dirk, Astrix, and Blonde. We travel to Münster and thought that we missed the church when we saw a demolished building. But we found many churches, the most famous is the PaulusDom and the MünsterDom. The MünsterDom had iron baskets made for locking Anabaptists into and hang them above the church clock, some 50 metres up. They would hang in these baskets until they died and the birds would peck at their corpes. Inside the Dom, I stood under a huge pipe organ that was suspended between two pillars. It had trumpets pointing up and out. In the PaulusDom, I heard the sound of a old clock that not only chimed the hour, but also showed the month and day of the year. Being on the border between Germany and Netherlands, the elevation goes down from 500 metres to minus 2 metres below the sealevel. We arrive in Zwolle and meet our hosts, Aart and Karin Janz. She works with horses teaching disabled people how to ride. We got to help feed the horses and pet the horses. My favorite is the Kleidsdale with a beard. Then to bed.

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