Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010: Leipzig sites.

It was great to see Tante Karin again. We met her friends, Heinz and Crystal, who guided us and hosted us for the next few days for marvelous evening meals. Our first tourist attraction was in a sacred place where the ‘slaughter of nations’ took place many years ago. This was the Volkerschlachtdenkmal. This was gruesome to learn about, but interesting nonetheless. This denkmal stood taller than the statue of liberty as well as the Eiffel Tower, and thus provided the best view of Leipzig. Next stop was the Nikolai church in Leipzig, within the former East Germany. Being at the Nikolai church, we saw many bright Easter-colored pillars with statue plants. The pillars made me feel small. It was a positive feeling to be in this church. The Nikolai church began the world famous peace marches held here every Monday (see the sign from swords to plowshares). This put pressure on the DDR falling apart. Tante Karin showed us a famous ‘keller restaurant’. Within this restaurant, Goethe (Germany’s Shakepeare) wrote many of his plays and poems. With our weary legs, we walked to a supermarket for some food. Mom and I trailed behind the others and enjoyed a fantastic ‘Uberraschung’. A water fountain intrigued me. For a few minutes this water fountain provided magnificent entertainment. Shooting water nearly reached the top of the five-story ceiling. I felt the cool water mist. I heard loud music with lights flashing, according to the temp of the music. This was a tremendous, multi-sensory encounter that only mom and I enjoyed. We were excited to explain this great show to the others. And we also saw the second church where Bach's body was buried for the second time (the first church was destroyed by WWII).

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