Saturday, March 20, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010:currywust and zoo

(Alexander)Alexander. The Berlin Zoo and Aquarium.
Today’s highlights were: The Berlin Zoo and Aquarium. First, the Berlin Zoo – We laughed while watching monkeys play with a cloth sack. Tiny monkeys turned their heads as we turned our heads and gave us a great example of ‘monkey see, monkey do’. This made us laugh. The longest fart (5 seconds) in the world came from a giant, dry-skinned rhinoceros. We laughed again!:) We also saw a rhino baby feeding from its mother. We were amazed by what two giraffes did: one licked the others’ pee – yuck!! We also saw a two-day-old dickdick. While walking along in the zoo, we saw grey Canadian wolves – from our homeland. Knut, the famous polar bear was relaxing with his partner. Something unusual was a white-foam-mouth camel that was spitting and then eating snow from the ground. We were entertained by a show of warthog break dancing. Next, the aquarium provided tremendous fishes, reptiles, and amphibians. It was a humungous jam-packed full aquarium with lots of big, small and colorful fishes, sharks, stingrays and jellyfish. Karannina and I had loads of fun taking pictures of all these animals. It was feeding time and the fishes scrambled to eat the fish, fruits, and vegetables. This was an entertaining show. Fish jumped up in the air to catch their food. Karannina was able to capture a nautilus – her most favorite mollusk. It was exciting to see and capture in photos sharks, a white stingray, piranhas, and colorful angelfish. Next, we saw snakes, lizards, turtles, chameleons, and crocodiles. We were reminded of the lizards we saw and touched in Australia last year. Did you know that the Berlin Zoo has the largest crocodile reserve and during WWII, this building was bombed and people were scared of the crocodiles escaping? A Berlin curry wurst snack completed Berlin. Driving to Leipzig was somewhat treacherous, since we had a big snowstorm and our vehicle has summer tires. We arrived in our hotel and ‘crashed’.

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