Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010: How many more ABCs do we have to visit!

(Karannina) After a good filling breakfast, Alexander wanted to drive our car. We then drive to Wittenberg. We stop (to take a stretch and to go bush pee) to see the stone that Martin Luther chiseled, "A Mighty Fortress is our God". Once we arrive in Wittenberg, we park our new car and then we walk down the 'streets', went into one of the many churches that Martin Luther preached in (see his painting on the alter) and looked at the many shops we pass by. We saw a good deal on clothes - 4.95 Euros for good looking T-shirts! Mom and I bought: for me, a skirt/dress (what I have always wanted), a sweater/shirt, a T-shirt with puffy sleeves, and a T-shirt with stripes, for mom, two striped T-shirts and and a sweater/shirt. After we bought the clothes, I put on my sweater/shirt on. It was sooo warm outside! (must have been +19°C or more!) Next we went inside the church where Martin Luther had translated the Bible from Latin to German. There was a painting of Martin Luther preaching to nuns and other people. It was surpisingly cold in the church. Hunger drove us to a Chinese/Thai/Doner Kabob restaurant. I had delicious chow mien! I was already beginning to get tired of Doner Kabob food. After lunch Tante Karin found a print shop that was used to print many of Martin Luther's ideas. The owner was very funny and made us laugh as he tried to explain many things about printing in the 17th century, especially when he made funny sounds for english action words he did not know how to say. The shop next to the print shop was the home of the famous XX painter, who also own the print shop. We are getting our pictures painted by the bronzed painter. As we left the court yard, a butterfly landed on me. We also saw some more Stulpersteine (commemorating Jewish owners who once lived there). Then we went to an ABC (Another Bloody/big Church) which the door closed on our noses. This was the church where Martin Luther hung his 95 theses. Today they are part of a door (see picture). For dessert we had some ice cream! I chose a two scoop with holunder (elderberry) and Kirsche (cherry). That was lecker (delicious)! Then we met a florist who showed us pictures of a the Martin and Katrina Luther's Wedding day festival, were the town gets dressed up. Alexander got a little gift from the owner and I got a picture with Kartina Luther. She was a baroness before becoming a nun who married Luther who was a monk. Next we drove by a school that was designed by Wasserhausen, an architech well known in Germany and Europe for his wild looking buildings. We stayed so long in Wittenberg that we missed Onkel Klaus' birthday celebration :( . Poor Onkel Klaus. We came home at 10:40 (22:40). We gave Onkel Klaus his presents and then went to bed.

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