Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2, 2010: Roman, Rolling, Balls

(Alexander) After breakfast we take a stroll to the Colosseum. Very thirsty from walking we try to drink from an old Roman fountain, but can't reach it. We go into the Metro to buy Roma passes that allows us to get into different places ride the bus or train. The Colosseum is amazing, but not a great as you think. ITS BIG. The Romans who came to the Colosseum for excitement to watch sports - violent sports just like sports fans back home go to see boxing and hockey. The Gladiators who were prisoners and slaves from countries like Judea, and were conquered by the Roman soldiers. They would try to kill each other. They would hunt animals that were brought up by elevators to the ground floor or arena (which means "sand"). Christians, who did not worship Caesar, would be torn apart by wild animals in the arena. One time they put water into the arena and fought each other with ships, just like the wars out in the seas. Next we went to the Forum. Walking on an original Roman road I looked on the ground to find bits of porcelain and crystals. We came to what is supposed to look like a Roman village but only see ruins. We came to where Julius Caesar's body was burnt after he was assassinated (he only ruled for 4 years), but it was only a little shack and a pile of dirt. Scratching for artifacts I found a part of the bottom of a pillar. Karannina was drinking water from a Roman fountain just like the Romans did many hundred years ago. In a museum we face our Roman cousins nose to nose. After what seemed like two days, we head to a Super store with a sword fish as fish meat and Karannina was sad because she saw horse meat. Next we go to the Pantheon to find out that there is a service till it closes. Outside there's a little square where I am playing soccer with the brass ball of a huge Roman monkey - just kidding. We come back to our apartment and have good supper of leftovers and sleep.

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