Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 1, 2010: Locks, Loves, and Lions

(Alexander) We start the day off with a wonderful breakfast of granola and wildberry yogart. While we walk to the St. Peter's Basilica, we discover locks on a bridge that have been linked together and there are lots of them. Karannina lifted them up and found messages of people loving each other and locking their lives together. So I called this the Bridge of Lock Love. When we arrive at the St. Peter's Basilica, we go through airplane like security. This is the biggest building in Rome, so big that when we are standing in it, it was four football fields long. The Roman law is that you cannot build anything higher than the Basilica. One of the interesting things that I learned is that when you look at the statues on the lower wall and the statues above, they look the same height. However, this is impossible, because the ones on top are bigger then the statues lower down. I got face to face with a lion that looked real, but I was glad it was only made of brass. After slaying the lion and fighting my way through the humungous church with statues, the bodies of dead popes, mosaic replicas of paintings (because the smoke and moisture would damage the original paintings which were kept in the Vatican Musuem), we raced mom up the stairs, who took the elevator, to the top of the dome (329 steps). When we got to the top, we were very tired and I was amazed at the panoramic view of Rome. We saw churches, old buildings from the Roman times, ruins of walls, St. Peter's Square and the Vatican City (or country since it has its own mail system). Flying down the first flight of steps, we get to a souvenier store where I bought a roseary made of Mirano glass and a key chain. Then we fly down the second flight of steps like soccer players getting a goal. Once we get down, we beat mom (who has taken the elevator) by two seconds. Very tired, we walk to our apartment dragging our legs. We go into a bakery full of mouth-watering golden, pink, yellow and shiny pasteries, a variety of pastas, and a variety of cheese and find out that we are very, very hungry. I get to do some homework, paying and counting the money to buy all the pasteries and pizzas. We go to another backery to buy some warm bread. It is Karannina's turn to do her homework - counting and paying the baker. We go back to our apartment and search for the bread because we can't find it. Daddy goes to the bakery to get the bread. Then it is time for a delicious meal of spaggetti and sauce which Karannina made with Daddy's help. Then its time for sleep.

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