Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 22, 2010: National Gallery and Lion King

(Sandra) The day's plans went somewhat different than expected - delightfully. The National Gallery took up about 4-5 hours - an amazing place!! And it is free! The audio guides helped us with a strategy of viewing all paintings within a room and then taking turns choosing one to listen to for details. Some of my favourites were: the flower/mouse/insect painting by Jan Van Os - I think she is Dutch. This was like an I Spy painting; a painting of various items representing life accomplishments and pleasures, with a human skull on top, indicating that death comes to all, no matter the accomplishments - Ecclesiastees reference; the four elements - four paintings - earth, water, fire, and air was amazing; Leonardo's cartoon; Michaelangelo's unfinished painting of Christ; the painting with two men and a skull on the floor that can only be seen as a skull if you stand beside the painting. Alexander made the comment regarding the paintings from Netherlands - "Finally these people all have clothes on". I wish there would be a Gallery of the quilts of the world too. The evening included a live theatre (less costly than the previous theatre). The Lion King was amazing! I thought of Rick often during this spectacular performance - a true team work - stage work, lights, sound, acting, singing, live music, etc. Everyone's part was pivotal to the success of the whole. Exhaustion was experienced at the end of this day.

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