Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21, 2010: Dickens, Shakespear and Beethoven

(Alexander) Waking up to a toast and cereal breakfast we ate a little slower and made a decision to have a little less food because we want to go to the British Library. On the Metro we go to Euston Station to get to the British Library. In the John Ritblat Gallery, we saw the original Alice in WonderLand (Karannina bought a copy of the original hand written), Shakespeare drama book, Leonardo’s note books, two Magnacardas (laws that tell the kings all over the world how to treat other people), the Beatles' notes, and Beethoven’s music and tuning fork. There were lots of galleries, but most were closed because they were rennovating. In one of the new exhibits, we saw the history of photography and how it began. The process of making a photo in the 1800's took days of work. We spent 3 hours in the Library. Next we went to the Charles Dicken's four level house. It was not well taken care of and very dusty. We learned how children were treated long ago. At birth of Charles Dickens, his father was sent to jail and his mother and brothers and sisters went to jail because they had no where else to live. Charles was sent to a Blacking Factory where he made polish for boots. In the basement of the house, they have the hand written by Charles Dickens, his books. We came home and daddy had made a wonderful meal of bowtie noodles and cheese. We watched Alice in Wonderland.

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