Saturday, December 19, 2009

Flight to Cairo Dec 11-12, 2009

Dec 11-12, 2009: (Dieter) We were whizzed to the Winnipeg airport with an executive chauffeur that had the capacity to handle our entire luggage, yet saving the costs of two taxis. Left Winnipeg at -27C. In Toronto, we run the endless labyrinth to the international terminal just in time to board our flight to London. Eight hours of movie marathons, we arrive in London exhausted, squared-screen eyes: group of four in a myriad of travelers, all waiting for their flights to their final destinations. We spent a relaxing time in the Air Canada lounge to rejuvenate energy before embarking on a 767 bound for Cairo and enjoyed Dawn of the Dinosaurs with Arabic subtitles. As we clear immigration in Cairo, we are minorities in a strange land, with soldiers at every corner carrying AK47s in the Cairo airport. Relief as we are greeted by Amgad, Egyptian friend working for MCC Egypt. Arrive at our Egyptian flat – wonderfully spacious dwelling on a second floor with numerous rooms.

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