Monday, December 28, 2009

Dec. 25, 2009 Weinachts Tag im Deutschland

(Sandra) What a fantastic Christmas day! Great hospitality! We had a fantastic time at Sabrina and Oliver's (Tante Karin and Onkel Klaus's son and daughter-in-law). We were greeted with a beautifully decorated table. We enjoyed a feast of roasted duck with potato dumplings and purple cabbage, and ice cream and stollen for dessert. The game of number Rummikub was enjoyed by many. I played with Daisy Schönwetter (Tante Karin's niece), and, thanks to her 'smarts', her and I won. Her three daughters also played. Gift-giving was enjoyable. Alexander received a puzzle, Karannina received a card-making kit and Dieter and I received finger and toe massage rings (unique). Sabrina and Oliver renovated the house that Onkel Klaus grew up in and so a tour was given. Beautiful, practical changes were made and their house is a home. We are grateful to have been the recipient of such wunderbar hospitality!

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