Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 Last Day of Europe :(

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 – our last day of 6 months of European travel.

A fantastic cholesterol blood-vessel-clogging English breakfast was enjoyed by all, including the black pudding (blood sausage). Stew was tactfully vague in explaining the contents of the black pudding to Karannina and Alexander. On the plate (photo) there are sausages, bacon strips, a fried egg, grilled mushrooms and tomato and black pudding. A large scoop of baked beans often accompanies this protein-packed breakfast, but not on this day.

I did the number-crunching activity of adding up the cost of the souvenirs in order to determine if we were within the limit. It is amazing how buying a magnet at one site and a book at another site, and a gift at another site, etc., can add up quickly within 6 months. After this task was complete (not my favourite activity), I listened to Stew and Jan explain the lives of their 4 children - dynamic people. Meanwhile, Dieter and the children took turns using the computer to put finishing touches to the blog. Dieter helped to clean sun-room roof with Stew. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day and perfect for this activity.

We worked at completing our final packing in preparation for the early drive and flight for the next day.
Jan, Alexander, Karannina and I enjoyed a last ‘Sorry’ game. Message to Jan: We have found in our game cupboard a ‘Sorry’ game in our game cupboard – exactly the same version that you have, except newer, and the directions are written on the cards. This was very exciting to discover!

A tasty curry chicken meal was thoroughly enjoyed by all and now we have a recipe called ‘Curry at Stew and Jan’s’. We then had a time of blessing and prayer and bible reading from Colossians before going to bed. We are allowing a level of excitement and anticipation to develop about ‘going home’.

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