Friday, May 7, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010: Cheeses, Clocks and... an anabaptist horse?

(Karannina) We pick up Sven and then drive to the Clock Museum. Boy! Is it fascinating about the history of clocks, and how some awesome clocks work! It's too bad we had to leave soon to have a peek in a cheese (bathroom :-) basement/cave, or else I would have more words to say. We walk into the cheese basement/cave. Sniff! This air smells weird! That's because ammonia is released by the cheeses into the air. This day I discovered that the outer layer of a cheese (cut from a cheesery (sp?) is not wax at all, it is the cheese. The outer layer looks like wax because all the oxygen it has touched, and because of the weekly salt baths/cleanings the cheeses receive. Most of the cheeses are made round so that it can be rolled if necessary. ___, a type of cheese is made square so that it can be melted easily in a raclette. I was so glad that we walked out of the cheese basement/cave to taste test the cheese, because I had a hard time breathing (ammonia in the air). We had wine and water to drink while we were tasting the cheese. I liked the youngest Guyiere cheese the best because it had more flavour than the old Guyiere cheese and it was less salty. We say goodbye to the cheese man then we drive to the ABC Theatre Cafe for lunch. I had Lapin Terrine (rabbit something) and a salad and lemonade, Alexander had Legume Soupe (veggie soup) and a tasty homemade Cinnamon Iced Tea (CIT), Mom had curried vegetables and vin (wine), Dad had curried chicken and vegetables and vin, and Sven had la foie d'un veau (calf liver) and noodles and vin. The food was delicious (and the drinks too)! For dessert we had Creme Brulee avec des fruits rouges (with red berries) and Chocolat Mousse (I think you know). We drive to the cheese shop that sells some cheese from that cheese basement/cave and other milk products. Before we drive home, Sven offers to lend us (Alex and I) some Tintin books in french. We drive home in the rain. (It's been raining since we got here.)

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