Friday, April 9, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010 Beer Field Trip

(Karannina). After breakfast in Zvolle, we drive to Amsterdam to a car park. On our way to the big letters 'I AM STERDAM', dad is interviewed by middle school students about tourism in Amsterdam. Alex and I climb on the letters. We go to the Van Gough museum shop instead of the museum because the line is too long. Instead we do the Heineken Experience. There I learned how beer is made. First water + barley = mash. Second, drain the liquid out of the mash = wort = a slightly sweet drink (like sweet pee). Fourth the wort + hops + yeast that a student of Louis Pastuer discovered, plus pasteruization = beer. I can't understand why dad enjoys it so much - it tastes very bitter. The company still have their own Clydesdale horses to advertise their beer at parades and festivals. There was the "brew-you experience" where we were brewed and turned into beer through a 4D experience. There was a section where the TV adds for the Heineken Experience from 1950 - 2003 were played. We also got to make our own beer experience ads and then enjoy some pop while mom and dad enjoyed a very freshly brewed Heineken beer. Just barely after leaving the Heineken Experience, we just made the 3:45 Blue Boat Company Canal Boat Cruise. For 75 minutes we cruised through labyrynth of canals and waterways. We saw houseboats, Nemo (marine biology science museum), reconstructed sail ship from the 1700's, past Anne Frank's house, and numerous locks. After the cruise, our hunger drove us to Wok to Walk were we choose our own Chineese food freshly stir-fried on a gas fire. We ended the Amsterdam tour by checking out a candy store (very expensive) and back to Zvolle.

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