Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010 Cheverny Hounds and Tintin

(Karaninna). Alexander and I began the day with homework and journal work. Our hot air balloon flight was canceled because of winds and I was very disappointed. After lunch, we took a scenic dieter, I mean detour through the country side to Chateau Chevenry. Mom captured someone's panties drying in an old farmhouse. First thing we did was the Tintin Exhibition. Did you know that the writer of the comic Tintin was inspired by looking at the Chateau Chevenry? We followed Snowy's (Tintin's white dog) footprints, exploring and interacting with the cartoon exhibit and the activities making it feel like I was part of a cartoon. After the exhibit we followed the barking sounds of the hunting hounds to their kennel. We came just in time to see the owner put out raw meat (goose, duck, and chicken) and food pellets for the dogs, while the dogs waited behind bars, looking hungrily at the food for over 1/2 hour. The dogs are trained to wait for their food as part of their preparation for hunting; not to eat the prey. At 1700, the owner opened the gate and about 100 hounds dashed toward the food and riped apart the raw meat, hiding their food from the other dogs and tearing it away from each other. It stank like dead meat and herbs. We then visited the hunting palace, finding that Louis the 15th had visited the palace to go hunting. We studied the paintings and tapestry that hung on the walls. We recently discovered that the royality would sleep sitting partially up, because lying was reserved for the dead and they also did not want to swallow their tongues. I also heard the a clock that had been ticking for over 250 years, keeping perfect time, days, date, and the phases of the moon. We complete our tour by going to the hunting room with the trophies of deer which was not very exciting. Then we go through the gift shop and come out with three French Tintin books.

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