Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010: Kassel and the Hercule's Hike

(Dieter). We enjoyed a day of climbing with Onkel Manfred, Gaby, and Rainer up to the top of Hercules statue, some 500 steps. What a wonderful vista of Kasel. Fascinated by the various von Grafts that lived here and had various buildings, structures, and fountains created over a period of 200 years. Our personal photographer, Gaby, caught us in action as a family. She has an eye for photos. One of the Grafts (Dukes) was interested in the romantic view of having an old castle ruins view from his palace window. So he built one with broken walls and towers. The entire land has trees from each country and those that needed special attention were grown in the green house. Karannina and Alexander ended the tour with some street work. We enjoyed Elke's waffles for coffee while watching funny advertisements on our computer.

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