Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010 Opulence in a Fantasy Paradise

From Paris to Varsailles, a short 30 minute drive and the view of probably one of the most opulent palaces we have ever seen. King Louis 13th hunting grounds, then turned into King Louis 14th's palace and then added on by each successive King until King Louis the 16th who, with his Queen Marie-Antoinette from Austria, were beheaded as part of the revolt of the peasants in the late 17 century with over 3000 others who all were made a foot shorter. Hence, the term: "heads are going to roll". Napolean and his queen lived here... Many European leaders found their home here. For Alexander, a great learning experience as he finally discovered the difference between ambassadors and bastards. Seemed like there was room for both at this palace. Sometimes, one became the other and in many cases, they followed the tradition of adulterous behaviour, the accepted norm of the time. Humanism at the forefront, the dawn of Renaissance, the worshop of hedonistics pleasures, even in the chapel, worshippers would face the king, who in turn faced the bishop. In the far distance, was another smaller hamlet (village) where royality would seclude to their world of fantasies and a very popular place for mistresses of the kings and finally the home of Queen Marie-Antoinette from Austria. Even the fish seem well taken care of (see video) as they too continue to enjoy the spoils of the water. We each take turns donning the helmut under the statue of Love in the Temple of Amora.

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