Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010: Claude Monet and Paris

(Dieter). What a spectacular day! A short drive from Normandy to Paris and enroute we stopped at Claude Monet's home and garden. Karannina and Alexander has the time of their life monopolizing our two cameras (over 600 pictures in two hours). As we walked through the various areas of the garden, we had a much better appreciation for many of Monet's paintings, as they were direct reflections of the elements of his ponds, trees, flowers, and landscape. Then off to Paris, through tunnels, autobahns with 6 lanes, and into downtown Paris to our new home. Our cell phone had no battery charge and the connector to the car was no longer functional, so Sandra, Karannina, and Alexander walked to find our new apartment while I did people watching from the parked car. Wow, lots to look at. Couples, individuals, friends, families, owners with pets, all walking past me with the Eiffel Tower in my side view mirror. Then we found our parking lot for our new place. This was quite the ordeal, or at least I made it one as we had a challenge finding the entrance to our parking place. But with this behind us, and another personal experience of losing my cool, we, thanks to the encouragement of my three family members, found the comforts and joy of sitting together in our new dwelling on the 15th floor overlooking the Tour d'Eiffel and the Arc de Triumph. See the video below for a panoramic view of our place.

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