Monday, April 5, 2010

Newsday April 1, 2010: April Fool's!!!

(Karannina) Today we did some sky diving (April Fool's)! No, we didn't do any sky diving today, but we cleaned up our Citroen Picasso C4 and Onkel Manfred's BMW. Alex was a trunk monkey! (VIDEO) Not exactly that one in the video though. :) For some strange reason, Alex and I stayed in the car, while mom went to get our journals. After a while, I went inside. It gets kinda squishy after a while, doing homework in the car (you should try it sometime, it's very different than working at a desk). I studied the 2nd book of The Royal Horticultural Society | A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants, looking at the scientific names and writing down the prettiest ones to someday plant in our/my garden. Then it is brunch time (April Fool's!). No, it is actually lunchtime. After a nice slice of cake, we go for a long, long, short, walk. Just joking! We really enjoyed a delicious burger lunch created and cooked by Onkel Manfred. He even used his own homemade tomato ketchup! Then we went for a walk. We sea - no, we saw one arabian horse, one clydesdale, one shetland pony, and the behinds of two chestnut (colour) horses. Then we drive to 'Ryanair's place (a beautiful cream house with a beautiful view of a valley). As the picture shows, I got my finger stuck in the roll of paper 'table cloth'. Ryanair served us schnitzel, spaghetti with a tomato garlic sauce, and for dessert, freshly cut pineapple (what a delicious meal!)! We served Gaby a delicious fly on her spaghetti! (plastic flies come in handy on April Fools Day!)Gaby showed us a different way to drive back to Onkel Manfred's (thanks Gaby!). We stopped at the Hercules Statue (the top) and took pictures of the night sky. To warm up Alex, Marius, and I ran in circles. We certainly warmed up after that. That's All Folks!

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