Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010: Kasel and the Manfred Schönwetter Family

(Dieter). We packed our bags, enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with Onkel Klaus, Tante Karin, Daisy, and Michel before leaving for Kasel. While enroute, we had a wonderful discussion as we reflected on our last week in Dresden and Leipzig with Tante Karin. So many things we experienced. The most memorable was meeting Tante Karin's friends, Heinz and Crystal. They are from the former DDR and also experienced the Wall coming down. What a learning opportunity as we heard their story and their perspective. To be able to talk to people who participated in the peace march in Leipzig. To hear what the former DDR was like, how they lived in a small home and raised two boys, how the political system worked in their favour to help their sons. And to hear their perspective on the struggle of how they dealt with the political changes that occured as the wall came down. Wow! This blog spot is not big enough to capture all that we were able to learn. We are grateful to people like Heinz and Crystal, for sharing their lives with us and to Tante Karin, who made the connections with these people many years ago and is friends with them today. Thanks for such a rich experience!

A new chapter. We arrived in Kasel at 11:59 thanks to our GPS. We were well received by Onkel Manfred and began our next experience with a wonderful lunch of eintopf (one-pot). We were eager to know what we would learn from the Manfred Schönwetter's family. And boy, are we in for some neat surprises during the next two weeks (I have the luxary of knowing as I write this two weeks later. So much activity that we have little time to blog). In the evening, we meet with my cousin Gaby, Rainer, Marious, Katie, Elke, and Manfred. The food is just awesome. Our waistline is showing signs of fatigue. Great food at Tante Karin's and now great food at Onkel Manfred's and my cousin, Gaby's.

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