Monday, February 22, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010: The Everlasting Hike

Wed., February 17, 2010 (Alexander). Starting the day with breakfast Daddy and I (mommy and Karannina stayed back because Karannina had a head cold), hike off to Monterosso. First we thought it was totally closed because of landslides and the sign on the hiking hut said the trailed was closed. We discovered that it was only tiny little rocks that had fallen from walls and fences that have been knocked down into the water from the rain. On the way we encountered a few attractions that we knew about such as how to eat yellow clover flowers that tasted like lemons. We learned about how to open a tin can that had food to feed homeless and unloved cats. I found a pointy rock the other day that I opened a can that had a missing tab to feed the cats. From 200 metres above sea level, we try to hit the water with stones or crack them in half from falling down so fast. We also thought about if mommy was thinking about us, because we had been hiking too long. As we continue through the jungle of trees, rocks, bushes, cliffs, waterfalls, olive and lemon trees and flowers. We also come across blood on the rocks. We wonder if it was an animal or a person. Finally after we go around the last peninsula we drag our feet till we get to the beach to do some beach combing. Famished, we go to a pizzeria and have a wonderful pizza (pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, mushroom and ham) and each a Fanta, while thinking if Karannina and mommy are thinking that we may have fallen somewhere of the trail. So we head for the train station and find a little path but where is it? So we search for the train station and finally find it and buy our tickets. Daddy asks the lady when the next train comes and she says in 30 minutes. So instead of wasting the time to wait for the train, we go to the beach to do some more beachcombing. When a train goes by, we say “there goes our train”. So we go to the train station again and it finally comes and daddy and me say “let’s go home”. And so when we arrive we find that mommy and Karannia are playing card games and having a fun time. So we join them to play for a bit till its time to go to bed. And so we learned that when it says the path is closed it only means that it only little land slides or daddy says, they don’t have enough money to pay the park rangers like in Canada.

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