Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010 Traveling to Kassel

(Alexander): After packing and a lunch of Chinese stir-fried noodles (thanks Tante Karin), we drove to Kassel to visit our cousins: Gaby, Marius and Julia. We traveled over 250 kms and saw many lories (or semi-trucks), many more than we see traveling on the highways in Canada. The major artery of Germany, which the Autobahn, brings nutrition and items that are needed to all of Germany and the rest Europe. I saw a humogous bridge that spanned from one mountain to another about 2 kms long, for trains. While I was taking photos, a bullet train zoomed by. I also saw many wind turbines being used for make electricity and saw many solar panels on the roofs of houses, barns, and commercial buildings. We drove 150 kms/hr. for short time on the autobahn. We used the GPS to get to Kassel, but we could not find how to get to Gaby’s front driveway. So we stopped at Onkel Manfred’s house. He gave us water with vitamin tablets that carbonated and flavoured the water. This was amazing to watch. At Gaby’s place, we met Marius, my 14 year-old second cousin, Julia, my 16 year old second cousin, and Gaby, their mother. We talked, we ate a delicious supper of a meat roll and potato cheese pockets, and enjoyed an Arabic dance performed by Julia and Gaby. Then we Skyped Oma and Opa, who joked around with Onkel Manfred and Gaby. We watched the adults laughing with each other and at Gaby’s, Onkel Manfred’s and Opa’s jokes, and daddy’s. We also had fun putting on a green snake hat. Before going to bed, we saw Marius’ and Julia’s bedrooms. Julia’s room had fury tiger carpet and Marius had a Wii. We went to bed at 12:10 exhausted. Karannina and I got to sleep in Gaby’s bed – we were amazed that she gave us her bed while she slept on the floor. – Thanks Gaby!

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