Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010: Horses, HorsePower and C4 Citroens

(Dieter) After breakfast, I headed off to visit my Onkel Dieter and Tante Inge. He had just returned from a number of weeks in the hospital and recovered from a transfer of arteries in his right leg. I was amazed at the speed of his recovery. He still had major stitches (staples) in his leg where a full length cut from his ankles to his thigh had been made. I was really impressed to also see Dietmar’s, my cousin, efforts in bringing down an old barn, which he is converting into a new horse barn and living quarters for his daughter Tesse. I enjoyed driving with our new car – Citroen C4. Amazing what the 1.4Litre small diesel can do. When I return, I enjoy an amazing meal of salmon wrapped in a perch/dill sauce. Wow is this ever delicious. The children, Sandra and Tante Karin visit a farmer with horses. Both Alex and Nina enjoy feeding the horses bread and sugar cubes. One of Tante Karin’s neighbours arranges for Karannina to a spend a morning with her daughter Leoni, at a local high school in Wiesbaden for Monday morning. We make quick travel changes and Gaby my cousin, is very accommodating in having us come earlier for a visit before her daughter, Julia leaves for the USA for an exchange. For the evening meal, Sandra and I make a Mexican meal of tacos and we enjoy a sand-cake which melts in our mouth. Sandra and I think that Tante Karin is a great chef. She sure knows how to make things taste excellent. In the evening, we gather around Onkel Klaus’ computer and watch as he makes a final bid on eBay for a Playmobil set that Alexander is looking forward to getting. Even though we are not successful, the experience is very exciting.

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