Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 5, 2010: A Variety of Transportation

Friday, February 5, 2010: (Karannina) We woke up at 6am to get to the Airport on time. We get a taxi ride (40) to the “Roman” Airport. We then “Rome” around the Airport, until our plane comes in. The flight was very short. At the end of the flight, I noticed that I did not put on my airsickness bands. I never got sick though J. When we came out of the airplane it was raining outside. An airport bus drove us to the terminal. From the airport (since the airport was not close to Venice) we took a blue bus (20) to Venice’s Railway Station. The trip took over an hour. From the Railway Station we took a waterbus (26) to Ca’Del Dose. It is amazing to see how their traffic works in water! No cars anywhere! To get to another place in Venice, you take a waterbus or use your legs! I always dreamt of coming here! Once we established our base, we successfully “got lost”. Many people told us to get lost in Venice. It is better to get lost in Venice than anywhere else! There is so much to look at! We did a lot of Schaufensterbummeling (looking in the windows from shops). We found an Italian plaque that commemorates Italian explorers who discovered different parts of Canada, such as John Cabot (and Marco Polo who discovered Asia). We got groceries, came to our “home” and made sandwiches. I tried to control the camera with the TV remote J. Then we hit the hay.

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