Friday, February 12, 2010

February 12, 2010 Endless Steps to Heaven

(Karannina) We have a Continental breakfast in our hotel. We walk to Palazzo Medici (Palace) where there are many huge chandeliers hanging from the ceilings. We also walk through the small basilica where some beautiful and detailed frescos where painted. Cheetahs, leopards, rabbits, horses, hunting dogs, and lots of important people. The other rooms were ready for a banquet and a conference which was happening in a beautiful room. There was another room where an image was projected onto a screen. When you point at a highlighted character of a part of the Fresco painting, it would interact with you and explain who it was and/or it signified. We then walked to what we thought was the Medici Chapel, but it was the San Lorenz church. Inside it looked like an ordinary Roman Catholic church - we weren't allowed to take any pictures. Then we went under the church into the crypt, where we saw bones of so-call "saints". Even the Italian security guard scoffed at the claim of the bones. On the way back to our hotel, we stopped at the market and take a peek inside. How would you like to have roasted cow nose, baked brain, or rabbit? We did buy sun-dried tomatoes, and assorted dried fruits. Following a rest and a snack at our Hotel Faenza, we searched for the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum, which is private museum. There were 20 hand-on machines that he designed on paper which were created with wood by modern day woodworkers. In order that no one could read his work, he coded by writing it backwards. It can only be deciphered by reading it in a mirror. The model of his armoured tank was display, which could drive in any direction, hold 8-9 people, and at the same time fire its canons out its sides. Leonardo designed a bicycle, a draw bridge, a crane, pulley system, gear system and also made the first linked chain out of leather out of many other things. My favorite is the crane that can move all the way around, lift, and lower heavy objects. Then we climbed the 437 steps to the top of the Duomo. The painting at the top of the ceiling was incredible. It clearly stated what the Church said through painting, depicting hell, that if you didn't follow what they said, this could be what would happen to you. Maybe this is one of the reasons of why people were scared if they didn't follow what the Church said. Thanks to Luther who translated the Bible so that everyone could read, and thanks to G├╝ttenberg press that made Bibles for everyone, now we know what final judgment really means. We went to what seemed like never ending steps and ended at the top of the Duomo where we could see for kilometres around. Tired and hungry we walked to the Payment's apartment where we shared supper. Right after supper, Alex and I played Spore with Emily and Josephine. We enjoyed some gelato. I tried "rosewater" which had a strange taste. Exhausted we crashed at 2200.

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