Friday, February 12, 2010

February 10, 2010: Venice (Virenza) to Florence (Firenze)

February 10, 2010: Venice to Florence (Sandra): We said fair well to Venice (Vernezia) shortly after 10 and arrived in Florence (Firenze) by about 5 (1700). Our plan of ‘if you get lost’ was activated when the waterbus gate (Venice) was shut in front of Karannina and myself. The two of us waved to Dieter and Alexander, and were transported to the next stop, 5 minutes later and on the other side of the water canal. Karannina and I walked quickly, backtracking to the stop we originally wanted. During the walk, we saw an amazing fish market – the foot long fresh squid covered with dark ink surprised us. The 3 hour train ride included a visit with an Italian couple on their way to the Yukon, filming a gold mine documentary. I enjoyed some soduku ‘dsi’ play. We saw a deep layer of snow north of Bologna, en route to Florence. Thankfully I asked a woman on the train about the Florence train stop and was informed about another train which would take us to our destination, otherwise we’d be on our way to Naples as I write this – the wisdom of asking for directions! Finding our Hotel Porta Faenza was easy after this. Grocery shopping was fantastic! Wonderful whole wheat bread, fresh pesto, black olives, cherry tomatoes, seafood salad, cheeses – brie, provolone, and pepperoni, and wine and juice and for dessert – chocolate dipped orange peel. A delicious feast with only two plastic knives and cups. We wandered around town to see a number of amazing things - interior of another church, some cool sidewalk chalk art, and the famous ponte vecchio (bridge). Thank you Tante Karin for the umbrella! We now are ready to enjoy Florence for the next 5 days.

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