Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 24, 2010: Reflection, Relaxing, and Re-energizing

(Dieter) Woke up this morning to blue skies - first time since we arrived in Europe on Dec 21. Wonderful breakfast of crepes, fresh fruit (from South Africa and Chile). After breakfast, laundry and journals are the order of the morning. Uploading pictures, thinking of all the wonderful things we had opportunity to experience this last week. Wow! We are for the most part healthy - just minor head colds. My picture count is well over 5000. I have had to eliminate many, as my hard drive is getting smaller on a daily basis, especially as the four of us share computer memory space. The children spent the morning completing their blogs, hand washing their clothes and playing Jenga. We were hopeful to visit St. Paul's Cathedral this afternoon for a service, but missed it - too much to do. I value what Rey said - don't worry - just enjoy the experience. So we headed for the south eastern part of London - Greenwhich. Took the tube as far as we could and then got on the Dockland Light Railway to Canada Waters and from here to Greenwhich. Tried calling home, but had no coins :) Tried sending a postcard, but had no stamps ;) So we wrote this blog instead. Visited the market and saw some really cool juniper cheese boards. The children enjoyed toy solder. Saw the bright green laser light that depicted the exact 0 degree latitude, where time starts. We ended our trip at the Trafalgar Bar, but were too tired to go in. This was the favorite hangout for the author Charles Dickens. Returned by double-decker bus and arrived dead tired, ready for hot tea and a cosy warm bed. Can you say "fatigue". We are tired and ready for a quiet time. More tomorrow.

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  1. i can't believe you couldn't all fit in there...are you really trying??
    great pics and stories, a month and a half already. can you believe it?