Saturday, November 14, 2009


Celebrate Sandra’s BD. Family time weekend at the Camp Moose Lake mini-lodge. Dieter trains dental instructors in North Carolina and receives a research award in Houston, Texas. Enter the age of the degenerating body: Sandra has an MRI on her knee – revealing a torn knee cartilidge; a 24 hour holter heart monitor – revealing normal performance – yea!; a mammogram is just fine; Dieter gets an x-ray informing of strong lungs; a holter heart monitor displaying a tired heart that just won’t stop beating; blood tests and a prostrate ultrasound – displaying a healthy sized gland crowding the bladder; a number of massages to reduce the stress; and a few pretzel squeezes by the chiropractor to straighten out the old back. All systems for both – A-Okay – very grateful for the blessings of physical health.

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