Saturday, November 14, 2009

January 2009

January found us making memories on the north and south islands of New Zealand including watching dolphins strutting their aqua skills, splunking in deep caverns while attempting to avoid “glow worms” (maggots), rocking to sleep by the regular tremours of earthquakes and volcanic activity, luging down winding mountain, haka dancing and eating geyser-steamed food, sprayed with boiling mud from an active geyser, participating in a concert of harps and pianos, deep sea fishing and feeding albatross, horse-back riding in the “western” savanna of New Zealand, and taking on the rope challenge of Adrenalin forest above 30 metres of forest floor. Next stop Australia and our down-under adventure. Cairns provides an amazing class in Great Barrier Reef inhabitants with a full immersion: face2face with parrot fish, Wrass, many different species of tropical fish, coral and a 9-foot nurse shark. Feeding time for the jellies – ouch- stung our ears and cheeks. Onwards to the outback. Alice Springs and the 16-hour desert bus ride in search of the “bloody rock”. Dot art, aboriginee stories, face-2-face encounters with olive tree pythons, crocodiles, thorny devils, and blue-tongued skinks. Then a 12-day trip from Adelaide to Sydney (Great Ocean road) experiencing the harsh wilderness of the rugged coastline with its pristine beauty and road kill (roos and koalas).

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